Accent reduction courses and programs in Calgary by Global Connections

Swiss clients destined to be one of Canada’s newest entrepreneurs.


Three Modules:

  • Telephone skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills

Cross-cultural skills are integrated into all of the modules.

COURSE START DATE: September 12th, 2017

COURSE TIME: 6 – 8 pm (5 two-hour sessions per module)


REGISTRATION: Please contact Christal to register for this course at 403-241-1390 or contact her by this email contact form to discuss your needs and to confirm this course is suitable for you.


This course is designed and delivered by Global Connections.  Participants will enjoy a client-centred and experiential facilitation style that is empowering and respectful.

Objectives: To enable participants to learn and practice advanced accent reduction strategies that will allow them to express themselves using the same fine nuances that they use with savvy confidence in their native language.  In addition, as a group, we will explore areas of cross-cultural communication that will offer participants insight and communication tools for dealing with people in the context of Canadian business.

 Acquired Skills:

  • Speak with the confidence that says “my accent is my advantage
  • Practice English sounds and intonation patterns that facilitate relationship building, persuasion, and clarity.
  • Be Understood by others the first time
  • Use telephone expressions to improve comprehension
  • Use small talk to build relationships and business
  • Be aware of explicit and implicit communication styles, and how to use either to your advantage
  • Express bad news with confidence
  • Create rapport with colleagues and acquaintances
  • Understand your own and others’ cultural work values to enhance your career opportunities
  • Organize your thoughts to facilitate comprehension and be persuasive

Course Background

Accent Reduction Training benefits people who do not speak English fluently.  Clear communication, not requiring the listener to “fill in” the missing or incorrect sounds, is required in many business and professional environments.  Being able to speak without the listener “processing” the intended meaning enables non-native speakers of English to compete for people-oriented jobs, such as customer service, receptionist, sales, management, teacher, and more importantly, it allows them to engage in the fine nuances of communication required to build relationships.  The ability to build strong relationships is the first step to achieving their goals in their career journey.

Learners with an intermediate or advanced level of spoken English may still have an accent, which is a barrier to being understood clearly the first time.  The need for clarification takes up time and detracts from the professionalism of the organization and the speaker.  The goals of this training are not to eliminate the learner’s accent but to make him or her conscious of the mechanics of sound and intonation and to ensure that they are understood the first time.

The training for all three modules consists of fifteen two-hour sessions – a total of 30 hours. The program’s design is fast-paced and challenging, requiring weekly practice and preparation.  Participants receive individual attention in order to achieve course objectives, and results in structured learning activities can be observed each and every session.


Tuesdays –  2017/18 Dates:

Sept. 12 – Oct. 3 Telephone Skills

Oct. 10 – Nov. 7 Presentation Skills (no class on Halloween)

Nov. 14 – Dec. 5 Cross-cultural Skills

Jan. 2 – Jan. 23  Negotiation Skills

Time: 6 to 8 pm