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Watch Television with Closed Captions On

Do you enjoy television? Sometimes the programs on television can be difficult to comprehend, and turning on the closed captions can improve comprehension. Utilizing the closed captions can aid in understanding when you have misunderstood an expression or even a joke. The ability to see the words can also clarify the conversation parts that were […]

Listen to Audio Books

If you do not enjoy reading books, there is always the option of Audio Books. These save you the hassle of turning the pages, and you can listen to them while doing chores like washing dishes, or folding laundry. Even with Audio Books, I recommend that you read the best quality available. By listening to […]

Grammar for Work!

Do you wish that you could take your grammar to the next level? Do you worry about grammar mistakes in your e-mails and reports, as well as in your conversations with others? Do you occasionally feel frustrated or embarrassed because your e-mail was misunderstood, or your boss had to edit your report before it could […]

Write It Clearly!

Training Objectives Given instruction, examples, handouts, practice, work related application exercises, and individual feedback participants will be able to perform the following writing tasks: Write clear simple, complex, and compound sentence structures Write a paragraph with a topic sentence, supporting details, and a concluding sentence Write e-mails that have a clear purpose and structure, while […]