1 Day Professional Email Writing Program For Non-native English Speaking Professionals

How would you like to write e-mails that clearly communicate your ideas, proposals, problems, and requirements?

How would you like to write e-mails to foster relationships that motivate others to action and shift your career?

This one-day workshop will change the way you view your e-mail communication and give you the tools to shift your communication results.   Bring your laptop or copies of old e-mails (if you don’t have a laptop).

Acquired Skills:

  • 10 Proofreading Strategies
  • 1 Powerful Strategy for Developing Relationships, Giving Bad News, and Motivating Action
  • 45 Expressions for Informal versus Formal Writing Styles
  • 3 Sentence Structures to Convey Your Message Clearly
  • 10 Paragraph Structures – with a Focus on Descriptive Paragraphs
  • 11 Power Topic Sentences for Typical E-mail Communication
  • Also: Review of Standard Capitalization and Punctuation Rules and E-mail Writing Checklist

This workshop is designed to deliver measurable results for non-native English speaking professionals who conduct business in English with only occasional, minor misunderstandings (this is NOT a grammar workshop). Participants require a Canadian Language Benchmark 6+.

Business Communications Integrated with Accent Reduction

Optimize Your Global Talent For Only $4,500!* 

In our 5-step system, our corporate clients offer their global staff a training opportunity in which they discover their Canadian Voice. Business Communication Skills Integrated with Accent Reduction Program is designed for non-native English speaking professionals and technical experts who conduct business in English. In this 15-week course learners will be able to:

  • Speak with confidence that says ‘my accent is my advantage.’
  • Engage in meetings, presentations and on the phone with clarity and results.
  • Project professional excellence.
  • Shift your business opportunities!
  • 3 Step System to solve any communication problem while building meaningful relationships

Accent Reduction
Accent Reduction, the core training component, is typically comprised of 2 skill sets: sound production and sentence rhythm and stress. In this course, we develop skills in:

  • Pronunciation
  • Intonation
  • Word Stress
  • Sentence Stress
  • Vocal Colour
  • Rhythm

Do your palms sweat when you express disagreement or contradictory ideas about a project around the boardroom table?  Do feel frustrated that you have to explain your technical solutions several times because you can’t find the precise words to explain the issue with diplomacy?

*The cost of the program can vary depending on the number of learners and the level of customization required.

Business Communications Skills workshop program at Global Connections in Calgary, Alberta.

Business Communication Skills Program

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“Say It” Clearly Accent Reduction Program

Enables participants to learn and practice advanced accent reduction strategies