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Listen to CBC Radio One

CBC Radio One features cultural and historic content with a focus on Canada’s connection to the world.  You will hear people’s opinions, some experts and some not, on current events.  This is a quality newscast with well-spoken English and relevant Canadian and international content.  With more than forty shows, you are sure to find one […]

Remember: the Answer is in the Question

Listen carefully when someone asks you a question in English and your answer will be more grammatically accurate and clearer every time. English questions are like mirrors: Does he…..?                       Yes, he does. Can she….?                         Yes, she can. Is it….?                                  Yes, it is. If someone asks you a question and you’re not sure how to answer, start by thinking […]

Business Communications Integrated with Accent Reduction

Optimize Your Global Talent For Only $4,500!*  In our 5-step system, our corporate clients offer their global staff a training opportunity in which they discover their Canadian Voice. Business Communication Skills Integrated with Accent Reduction Program is designed for non-native English speaking professionals and technical experts who conduct business in English. In this 15-week course […]

Talking in Your Community

As a non-native English speaker, you likely have a community and a family that you speak with in your native language.  However, there are many opportunities to speak English throughout your day. Moreover, the benefits of chatting with people you encounter during your day are limitless. “Where can I talk with people?” you ask. Family […]

Watch Television with Closed Captions On

Do you enjoy television? Sometimes the programs on television can be difficult to comprehend, and turning on the closed captions can improve comprehension. Utilizing the closed captions can aid in understanding when you have misunderstood an expression or even a joke. The ability to see the words can also clarify the conversation parts that were […]

Listen to Audio Books

If you do not enjoy reading books, there is always the option of Audio Books. These save you the hassle of turning the pages, and you can listen to them while doing chores like washing dishes, or folding laundry. Even with Audio Books, I recommend that you read the best quality available. By listening to […]