Cross-cultural seminar by Global Connections ESL in Calgary

Cross-Cultural Seminar

As a cross-cultural facilitator, I often reflect on the ease at which people can develop relationships that culminate in negotiating an agreement.  To this end, When Cultures Collide is a useful reference book for those interested in developing effective cross-cultural business relationships. It describes why this natural way of ‘making deals’ doesn’t always transfer to our cross-cultural counterparts. In cross-cultural negotiations, often counterparts begin from different traditions and value different outcomes. In comparing the Americans, Japanese, and Latin Americans, one can see the “divergences of outlook [which] are exerting decisive influence on the negotiation to come” (p. 119).

Negotiating Objectives


1. Current deal

2. Short-term profit & rapid growth

3. Consistent profit

4. Relationships with partner

JAPAN (Asia)

1. Harmonious relationships and ‘direction taking’

2. Securing market share

3. Long-term profit

4. Current deal


1. National ‘honour’

2. Personal prestige of chief negotiator

3.Long-term relationship

4. Current deal

It is my sincere wish that you and your global connection are able to appreciate your unique traditions while negotiating a successful outcome. Learn more about our Upcoming Events and Courses.  I would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your organization’s language and cultural training needs and goals.

Training for your global connections,

Christal Reed