Editing services for ESL businesses, students, immigrants and professionals in Calgary.

ESL Editing Services for Business & Academic Clients

Our editing services are unique, as they often overlap as coaching.  Our business and academic clients receive coaching feedback as they sit beside us, or as written comments on their correspondence.  Firstly, our editing mandate reaches beyond the mechanics of writing, as we coach our clients to persuade their target audience of their ideas, position, or goals. Secondly, we spend time with our clients (if desired) to assist them with wordsmithing, business acumen, and polishing their professional image. Finally, we take pride in understanding our clients’ academic, technical, and professional strengths and expressing these attributes with the same fluency that they enjoy in their first language.  Invite us to be on your editing team!

Access editing remotely on e-mail, Skype, or FaceTime while on a business trip, studying abroad, or right here at home in Calgary. Our ESL Editing Services are billed as an hourly rate.