Grammar for Work!

Do you wish that you could take your grammar to the next level? Do you worry about grammar mistakes in your e-mails and reports, as well as in your conversations with others? Do you occasionally feel frustrated or embarrassed because your e-mail was misunderstood, or your boss had to edit your report before it could be submitted? Then, this program is for you.


Pre-requisites: Intermediate level English

Training Time: 12 hours

Location: T3G 1R8 (NW Calgary)

Investment: $480.00

Maximum Class Size: 2-5 participants


Course Design

Grammar for Work! is designed to meet your career advancement goals. This interactive, workshop-style program features 6 two-hour grammar lessons focused on work communication. Groups of 2 to 4 people allow for fun group activities while maximizing instructor-learner interaction on the pen and paper learning events.


Training Objectives

Given instruction, examples, handouts, practice, work related application exercises, and individual feedback, participants will:

  • Improve your spoken grammar
  • Use time expressions related to specific verb tenses correctly
  • Learn 12 “ing templates” with a focus on work expressions
  • Produce a variety of sentence structures to communicate time relationships, cause and effect, issues that contrast, and clauses of condition
  • Learn 12 expressions related to “time”
  • Use action and non-action verbs in past and progressive forms with confidence
  • Use adverbs, adverb phrases, and adverbial clauses accurately to convey a more persuasive and professional message