Listen to CBC Radio One

CBC Radio One features cultural and historic content with a focus on Canada’s connection to the world.  You will hear people’s opinions, some experts and some not, on current events.  This is a quality newscast with well-spoken English and relevant Canadian and international content.  With more than forty shows, you are sure to find one that appeals to you; however, these are my favorites.

My favorite CBC radio show is called The Current, hosted by Ana Marie Tremonti. This award-winning 90-minute program tackles issues relevant to all Canadians from politics to changes that affect our society. Ms. Tremonti often interviews individuals whose personal journeys and traumas affect us all.

Another unique and award-winning CBC Radio One program, Quirks & Quarks, hosted by Bob McDonald. This light-hearted host brings you the world of cutting edge science with entertaining and engaging stories relevant to our lives. These short but powerful excerpts leave you feeling curious to know more.

Everyone loves Michael Enright who hosts The Sunday Edition. This lively three-hour program of conversation, documentaries and music tackles everything from politics to pop culture, in Canada and around the world. Michael has a very relaxed, conversational style, which makes him easy to understand and interesting to listen to.

This very large country of ours is made up of diverse cultural groups. CBC Radio offers journalism that reflects Canada’s diversity. They often feature academic, political, and business experts who share their ideas through comprehensive interviews and debates related to the questions that are currently on people’s minds. CBC Radio One is dedicated to transparent journalism and unbiased reporting to Canadians.

You can access CBC Radio on your computer, your phone, or …even your radio! Read articles with video and audio files at your convenience. This radio station offers a deeper understanding of Canadian issues and values, …which has been accessible across the country long before the Internet was around.  Read, listen, and then start a conversation – with your Canadian neighbors, co-workers, and friends.