Calgary ESL teacher, consultant instructor, editor and trainer, Christal Reed.

Christal Reed, Training Consultant

Christal Reed, ESL Training Consultant and Sole Proprietor of Global Connections, specializes in English as a Second Language.  She received her bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Calgary, an Adult Education Diploma from Saint Xavier University, and a Teacher of English as a Second Language Certificate from Mount Royal College. She is the author of the Say It Clearly Accent Reduction program and is now working on a Write It Clearly program.  With more than twenty years of diverse business and language training experience, she has custom-designed training programs for business people with a wide range of backgrounds.

Christal is passionate about helping international clients to engage more effectively within Canada’s multi-cultural business environment. A life-long learner of cross-cultural issues, she has a keen interest in strong cross-cultural relationships both in Canada and abroad.  As part of this journey, she recently participated in Encounter World Religion Centre’s course offering in which she attended lectures in Sikh, Buddhist, and Hindu Temples, as well as a Moslem Mosque, learning about their traditions, history, values, and faith. Her cross-cultural experiences have also included a university field school in Guatemala, teaching contracts in Korea, and extensive travel. Christal’s favorite leisure activities include all-things cross-cultural: movies, novels, festivals, and shows.

Previous clients have included non-profit, corporate organizations, and government departments, such as the National Research Institute, Cami Automotive, Cenovus, Mount Royal College, and the Bredin Centre.  Contact Christal for a complementary assessment of your learning goals and needs.  Let her experience and enthusiasm assist you in improving your Career Connections!