Use a Language App for 15 minutes a Day to Develop Your English Skills

There are some great online learning programs and apps that can really have an impact on developing your English skills. Mondly, Duolingo, or Babbel are just a few examples of different apps that you can download on your tablet or mobile device.  These apps are great for expanding vocabulary, developing sentence structure, and some even let you work on your pronunciation!

The great thing about these apps is that it breaks everything in to short lessons, making it easy to work on them on a commute, while waiting for an appointment, really anywhere. We have found that using one of these tools for just 15 minutes a day can expand your knowledge of the use of words and how to properly convey yourself in any situation and setting.

Programs and apps like Mondly, Duolingo, or Babbel offer free access to parts of their app, so you can try it out, and if you want the more in-depth program, you can purchase or subscribe. Finding an app or program that works for you is important so here are some of the highlights of each of the apps:


  • Allows you to learn from your native language
  • Increases vocabulary
  • Allows you to create proper sentences
  • Has a speech function which allows you to work on pronunciation


  • Offers beginner, intermediate levels, as well as grammar course, vocabulary lessons
  • Also covers tongue-twisters, idioms, colloquialisms and sayings
  • Allows you to interact and compete with your friends who use the program


  • Each course is based on your native language and your personal interests
  • Allows you to build real-life conversation skills
  • Speech recognition technology
  • Provides review sessions to reinforce what you just learned

Consistently practicing using a language development app is an efficient and effective approach to broaden writing skills, vocabulary, and friendships. First, your analytic skills improve by consistently practicing a foreign language.  Second, this will enhance your confidence in forming conversation topics and making small talk with others. This will create deeper conversations that will help in any social situation. Third, it will deepen your connections and cross-cultural friendships by building on your relationships with your peers. Using any type of language app daily for as little as 15 minutes a day can be fun, challenging and really help you develop your English skills.