Watch Television with Closed Captions On

Do you enjoy television? Sometimes the programs on television can be difficult to comprehend, and turning on the closed captions can improve comprehension. Utilizing the closed captions can aid in understanding when you have misunderstood an expression or even a joke. The ability to see the words can also clarify the conversation parts that were spoken too quickly. In addition, closed captions will enhance your understanding if the speaker has an accent that is challenging to understand. Finally, watching television with closed captions can be a relaxing method of enjoying television programming in which technical vocabulary or colloquial expressions create barriers to understanding. These opportunities to enhance our comprehension allow us to enjoy a broader range of programming.

There are numerous situations where closed captions are useful for non-native English speakers and English speakers alike. First, closed captions offer opportunities to watch videos for research or enjoyment in a library or other quiet areas. Second, in a noisy environment, such as on an airplane, where you cannot hear the audio well, closed captions are often the only way to understand the speakers. Third, closed captions are becoming more common on social media, allowing viewers to scroll and continue to receive the video message without sound.

More specifically, utilizing closed captions can help you to improve your English.  First and foremost, the captions will allow you to focus on the most difficult grammar structures –  those elusive prepositions and articles. This reinforcement of English grammar structures will improve your spoken and written English over time.  Secondly, paying close attention to these challenging aspects of English grammar will also improve your listening comprehension because you will start to understand the rhythm and stress of the language. Third, of course, you will begin to acquire new vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.  In my mind, this is one of the better ways to learn authentic, native English conversation skills.

Television content is often the focus of small talk and helps to build relationships with people in your personal and your work life. These conversation topics, enjoyed with other people in your life, give you another opportunity to open up your life to deeper connections.