Write It Clearly!

Training Objectives

Given instruction, examples, handouts, practice, work related application exercises, and individual feedback participants will be able to perform the following writing tasks:

  • Write clear simple, complex, and compound sentence structures
  • Write a paragraph with a topic sentence, supporting details, and a concluding sentence
  • Write e-mails that have a clear purpose and structure, while building professional relationships
  • Write a summary of a meeting discussion
  • Write an Memo Report
  • Write an Informal Report
  • Use appropriate capitalization and punctuation


Given instruction, handouts, examples, practice, work related application exercises, and individual feedback, participants will:

  • Give balanced feedback
  • Know how to conjugate common irregular verbs
  • Use the perfect tense (in the context of a job interview or professional conversation)
  • Expand their use of phrasal verbs (prepositions)
  • Use effective strategies for taking notes at meetings
  • Know how to structure a cause and effect report*
  • Know how to structure a problem and solution report
  • Move your audience to action
  • Organize your thoughts to help your reader comprehend and remember your message more easily
  • Receive feedback on your work related writing tasks